Latest Digital Marketing Updates – September 2023

Latest Digital Marketing Updates – September 2023

This monthly series of blog posts is your go-to source for digital trends. We share the significant trends in the digital marketing industry. 

Get the latest updates on developments on social media platforms, game-changing SEO strategies, cutting-edge analytics, or innovations in online advertising. With our insights, you can elevate your online presence, engage your audience, and achieve meaningful results for your business

Paid Media :

Meta’s Competitive Content Research Tool:

  • Meta has launched a new search tool within the Ads Library.
  • It enables users to search a business’s branded content.
  • Currently, it displays data for the past 7 days of content.
  • Provides insights into influencer-brand partnerships (Paid Partnerships) and content types.
  • This move aligns with Meta’s efforts to enhance transparency, driven by EU government pressure for safer digital spaces.

Meta’s Multi-Advertiser Ads Test

  • Meta is testing a novel ad format on Instagram.
  • It features multiple advertisers appearing side by side.
  • Selection is based on Meta’s analysis of advertiser relevance to consumer interests.
  • Advertisers can opt to disable this feature.
  • Multi-ad formats may potentially reduce the cost per impression but may not necessarily lead to better engagement and conversion rates on Instagram ads.

Google’s Limited Ad Serving Policy

  • Google has introduced a Limited Ads Serving policy.
  • This policy limits ad serving for new accounts when the relationship between the ad and the brand is unclear.
  • The goal is to combat misleading ads.
  • This change should have a positive impact on legitimate advertisers by improving ad quality.

Political Ads Return to X/Twitter

  • X, previously known as Twitter, has decided to lift its ban on political advertising in the United States.
  • This decision is driven by owner Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech.
  • Previous Twitter leadership had banned political ads due to concerns about their impact on democracy and “paying for reach.”
  • Expect an increase in ad costs across all platforms during political seasons, including on X.

Expanded Reach for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

  • Amazon Sponsored Product Ads will now be visible on platforms such as Pinterest, BuzzFeed, and Lifehacker.
  • Advertisers will automatically gain access to this expanded reach.
  • While this expansion is good news for Amazon advertisers, it may increase costs for advertisers already on Pinterest due to heightened competition.

Social Media:

Meta announces “Universe of AI” for Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp

A beta rollout of an “enhanced conversation assistant” available on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram and will be available for Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3. In the US, Meta AI will provide real-time information (thanks to a search partnership with Microsoft Bing) as well as an image generation tool using a new image model called Emu (Expressive Media Universe). Meta AI is based on a custom model that leverages technology from the company’s open source LLM, Llama 2..

Meta introduced Smart Glasses with Ray Ban

Meta introduced various AI expertise for cooking, fitness, travel, fashion, sports, writing, games and more

Meta will be launching AI images editing and restyling & Stickers


Google Reduces Visibility For HowTo And FAQ Rich Snippets

  • Google has decreased the visibility of rich snippets for howTo and FAQ schema.
  • These rich snippets will now be limited to “well-known, authoritative government and health websites.”
  • This decision is unexpected, as howTo and FAQ schema markup is commonly recommended by the SEO community.
  • The reduction in rich snippet opportunities is likely to lead to fewer clicks for pages that previously benefited from these rich results.

Dynamic Search Landscape

  • Google’s search landscape is constantly evolving, including experimental features like Generative Experience search results.
  • Expect the possibility of further updates on how Google uses different schema types to influence Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Monitoring and Adaptation

  • Keep an eye on pages that previously benefited from FAQ or howTo schema.
  • Note any declines in traffic.
  • Consider making content updates and explore other schema types, such as Article or itemList schema, to strengthen your pages’ presence in search results.


In summary, our monthly blog series is your go-to for staying current with digital trends. Here are the key takeaways:

Paid Media:

  • Meta’s Competitive Content Research Tool enhances transparency.
  • Meta’s Multi-Advertiser Ads Test may reduce costs but doesn’t guarantee better engagement.
  • Google’s Limited Ad Serving Policy aims to combat misleading ads.
  • Political ads return to X/Twitter, potentially increasing costs.
  • Amazon Sponsored Product Ads expand reach, impacting Pinterest advertisers.

Social Media:

  • Meta introduces AI enhancements across platforms.
  • Smart Glasses collaboration with Ray-Ban.
  • Diverse AI capabilities in various domains.
  • Upcoming AI image editing and restyling features.


  • Google reduces visibility for HowTo and FAQ Rich Snippets.
  • The dynamic search landscape may bring more schema-related updates.
  • Monitor affected pages, adapt with content updates and alternative schema types.

Stay tuned for more insights to navigate the evolving digital landscape effectively.

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