Our Principles

Build win-win

Leverage technology
for greater ROI

Be relevant in constantly
changing landscape

Execute with
entrepreneurial zeal

Maintain clarity to drive

Own the stewardship
of client’s objectives

About Accuvante

Our strategy is based on real facts, data analysis and deep market insights. At Accuvante we follow an agile response framework that addresses the real-time changes at the macro and micro levels.

●       Research

●       Marketing Strategy

●       Tech Development

●       Strategic Consulting

●       Rollout

●       Measurement

Leadership Team

Ranjeet Patil

Ranjeet Patil

Head - Strategy

Ranjeet, an adept business leader, demonstrates a sharp business acumen and profound insights into the ever-changing market. With a track record of success across various roles, his expertise spans diverse sectors, regions, and technologies. As a Managing Director experienced in Digital, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Business Development, Management, Research, Leadership, and Mentoring, Ranjeet has innovatively crafted communication and marketing tools with a robust technology foundation. His notable client portfolio includes McDonald’s, DHL, Coca-Cola, BBC, Godrej, Kotak, L&T, and Zee.

With a proven track record in identifying growth opportunities and fostering lasting client relationships, Raveena’s client-centric approach ensures unparalleled service, consistently exceeding client expectations. She has exceled in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of client needs, forging connections that go beyond transactions to create meaningful and enduring partnerships. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and a results-driven mindset she has helped foster sustained success in the competitive market.

Raveena Bajaj

Raveena Bajaj

Head - New Markets

Amit Bidkar

Amit Bidkar

Head - Technology & Design

Amit, a recognized thought leader in the realm of innovative solutions, boasts extensive expertise in user-centered design. With a proven track record, he has adeptly developed UX strategy and embedded design thinking within organizations. Amit has demonstrated his leadership capabilities by successfully steering diverse teams both on-shore and off-shore, catering to Fortune 500 corporations and academic institutions. His proficiency extends across various domains, consistently delivering user-centered design solutions. Amit’s history of success and strong leadership skills position him as a valuable asset, poised to contribute significant value to Accuvante’s esteemed clients.