Latest Digital Marketing Updates – August 2023

Latest Digital Marketing Updates - August 2023

Latest Digital Marketing Updates – August 2023

This monthly series of blog posts is your go-to source for digital trends. We share the significant trends in the digital marketing industry. 

Get the latest updates on developments on social media platforms, game-changing SEO strategies, cutting-edge analytics, or innovations in online advertising. With our insights, you can elevate your online presence, engage your audience, and achieve meaningful results for your business

Meta Threads

Meta announces the desktop version of Threads app


1- Meta is adding the ability to quickly record a video with voiceover

2- WhatsApp is also adding the ability to share your screen during a video call on WhatsApp

3- Now you can share HD images on WhatsApp

4- WhatsApp Group naming became simpler – You can name the group based on who’s in the group if you don’t feel like coming up with a name.

5- WhatsApp launched for Mac. Group calls up to 8 people on video and 32 on audio.

Meta SeamlessM4T

SeamlessM4T, a new multimodal AI model that lets people who speak different languages communicate more effectively. M4T can do speech-to-text, text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, text-to-text translation and speech recognition for up to 100 languages. Over time, we’ll integrate these AI advances in translation and transcription into Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Threads.


LinkedIn is implementing significant changes in its feed prioritization through a series of algorithm updates. Firstly, the platform is realigning its focus from personal updates to business and marketing topics, placing a greater emphasis on expert knowledge and advice.

Secondly, LinkedIn will give priority to content from your 1st-degree connections in your feed. Posts from your closest connections will be showcased at the top, as you are more likely to engage with the content they share on their profiles.


How to Establish Trust with Google Merchant Center for Better Search Results

Google has recently updated its guidelines to emphasize the importance of building trust to ensure the visibility of websites and their organic and paid products in search results. Here are some key criteria for establishing trust:

  • Complete Business Information: Provide accurate information in the Business Information settings within Merchant Center.
  • Google Business Profile: Create and verify a Google Business Profile for your business.
  • Seller Ratings: Improve your eligibility for seller ratings by participating in Google Customer Reviews or other reputable third-party review services.
  • SEO Best Practices: Follow proper SEO guidelines to enhance your website’s search engine performance.
  • Consistent Product Data: Ensure that the product data in your feed matches the content on your website.
  • Professional Website Design: Maintain a professional website design that includes an SSL certificate, accessibility for all users, and easy navigation.
  • Detailed Policies: Provide comprehensive information about your policies, including shipping, returns, and privacy policies.
  • Business Identity: Display essential business identity information, including the correct business name, an “About Us” page, and links to social media platforms.

Failure to adhere to these trust guidelines may result in violations of Google’s misrepresentation policy, potentially leading to your products not being featured in organic or paid listings. By closely following these guidelines, you increase the likelihood of Google viewing your site as a trustworthy marketplace for users to make purchases. Take the time to review your site and assess how well you are meeting these trust criteria.

YouTube Fan Account

YouTube has introduced a new policy for fan channels, requiring them to explicitly state that they are not attempting to mimic the original creators. 

This update aims to prevent fan channels from misleading viewers into believing they are the official creator’s channel. To adhere to this policy, fan channels must prominently convey in their channel name or description that they are not affiliated with the original creator, artist, or entity.

Furthermore, YouTube is cracking down on fan channels that initially appear as supportive fan accounts but later engage in activities such as impersonating other channels and reposting their content. 

Such actions are now strictly prohibited under the updated policy. Additionally, channels that use identical names or similar profile images to the original channel, with minor alterations like adding spaces or replacing letters with numbers, will also be banned from the platform. 

This policy change reinforces YouTube’s commitment to transparency and ensures viewers aren’t confused about the authenticity of these channels.

YouTube AI Dubbing

In a bid to better serve its diverse community of content creators, YouTube has rolled out a new feature that streamlines the process of dubbing videos into various languages through artificial intelligence (AI). This move comes on the heels of YouTube’s announcement at VidCon regarding its integration of the Aloud team, the developers behind an AI-powered dubbing tool incubated within Google’s Area 120.

Recognizing the significance of bridging language barriers, YouTube aims to empower content creators by breaking down these barriers and enabling them to connect with broader demographics. This innovative tool holds immense potential to amplify creators’ outreach, ultimately expanding their audience and impact.

Google Search Generative Experience launched in India

The AI-generated summary responses are accompanied by down-arrow icons. When you click on these icons, Google will display the pertinent webpages that contributed to shaping that particular section of the answer.

Initial findings from SGE show that searchers have a positive experience with it. Among age groups, individuals between 18 to 24 years old tend to enjoy the SGE experience the most. Furthermore, searchers appreciate the follow-up questions within SGE, which allow them to refine and explore their queries further. Google also noted that ads, when placed above or below the AI-powered overview, are found to be helpful.

This update from Google is significant as it addresses the long-standing frustration of search marketers, publishers, and searchers regarding the absence of citations in SGE AI-generated answers. Google’s commitment to prioritize approaches that drive traffic to relevant websites is encouraging for the digital ecosystem


In conclusion, our “Latest Digital Marketing Updates – August 2023” blog series continues to be your dependable source for staying abreast of digital trends.

This month’s updates encompass a wide array of changes and innovations:

Meta Threads: Meta unveils the desktop version of the Threads app, fostering seamless communication.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp introduces a variety of features, including quick video recording with voiceovers, screen sharing during video calls, and the ability to share HD images. Group naming and a new launch for Mac further enhance the user experience.

Meta SeamlessM4T: Meta introduces SeamlessM4T, a groundbreaking AI model facilitating cross-language communication across speech and text translation for up to 100 languages.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is realigning its feed prioritization, emphasizing business and marketing topics while giving priority to content from 1st-degree connections.

SEO: We explored Google’s guidelines on building trust within Google Merchant Center, emphasizing the importance of accurate business information, seller ratings, SEO best practices, consistent product data, professional website design, detailed policies, and business identity information.

YouTube Fan Account: YouTube implements stringent policies for fan channels to prevent impersonation and maintain transparency, reinforcing its commitment to creators and viewers alike.

YouTube AI Dubbing: YouTube introduces an AI-powered dubbing tool to break language barriers, empowering content creators to reach wider audiences.

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE): Google’s SGE enhances the search experience by providing links to relevant webpages within AI-generated responses, improving transparency and trust.

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